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Acenine Sketches
02 December 2009 @ 11:25 pm
My photobucket is being weird and hasn't been showing any of the years worth of *mostly crappy* pictures I've uploaded on my computer, but they show up on other computers? wtf? how does this make sense. oh right, it doesn't. It's annoying the piss out of me right now and it's been doing it all week!! definitely not thankful for you right now photobucket!

Also, I'm still unemployed and it's beginning to freak me the fuck out because I'll done with school Tuesday and while I love free time, I desperately need money and it's annoying the piss out of me that I can't find a job! like seriously, wtf. As far as retail jobs go (like Borders and Gamestop) I was apparently a week too late in applying which I couldn't really help because I had been putting everything off to finish all my med school applications and prepare for youmacon...so I didn't really have time to apply, but I feel like November 1st is still sort of early-ish for getting a job during the holiday season..but I was wrong, lol. so yeah... and wtf? don't places like walmart hire all the time, WHY WON'T THEY HIRE ME lol.
and what pisses me off even more is that I worked at a movie theatre for a year [and a summer a year later] three years ago and I talked to the new manager and he won't give me an interview? like I flat out asked if I could have one [which is what I always do because no places ever call me back, lol] and he was like "yeah, I'm still setting them up blah blah" and it's been 2 weeks...like wtf. I USED TO WORK THERE AND EVERYONE LOVED ME!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT!!! me need job.

How the hell do people get jobs? I always had to call a week or two later to ask if I could have an interview set up or whatever because I have NEVER been called back? Is that how it usually happens because I don't know why that's never happened to me...it's not like I'm applying to "real" jobs [where you need a degree n' such, etc.] WTF! maybe it's because they think I'm ugly and don't want my face representing their company, lol. damnnn

And on top of being unemployed and having to file for bankruptcy [that might be a slight exaggeration], I haven't heard back from med schools yet which AHHH. I just want to get in somewhere and be done so that I know I have a future secured, lol. If I'm not in med school next year then...I'm fucked :) lol

I need to chill out and watch 30 Rock for now, I think I'll go do that! peacee
Acenine Sketches
27 October 2009 @ 12:48 am
Youmacon is in 3 days! I'm super excited for it. I don't have a job right now [which I'm looking to remedy for the winter] and I'm a full time student so...yeah, I need money and this con coming at the PERFECT time. Although I'll probably still spend half the money I make, oops. oh well.

I've been working on Dissidia keychains because I'm obsessed with that game right now [it's so fun!]

Dissidia KeychainsCollapse )

I colored the first 5, now I have 5 more to go! All of which I plan on doing tomorrow because I need to start cutting them out/laminating them asap.

In other news, I'm almost done with all my applications to med school! I have 3 left [although I'm still not sure I want to do the last one...but I might as well], two of which are pretty much done I just have to print everything out and mail them in. I'll probably get that done tomorrow or Wednesday. As for the third, I haven't looked at it yet and it's not due till january so waiting a few more days really shouldn't hurt, lol. but I do want to get all of them off my plate finally so...I'll work on it this week n' such.

Alas it looks like I will not have a halloween picture done by halloween AGAIN. I always tell myself I'll get one done and I would have this year...but Youmacon is halloween weekend and I've been preparing my keychains/prints so..probably ain't gonna happen...but I might draw some lineart at least *shrug*
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Acenine Sketches
24 October 2009 @ 01:18 pm
Youmacon is this weekend! which I'm really excited for.
Unlike previous years, I finished all my prints a week over a week in advance...instead of like..the day before the con, but I'm still working on chibis for keychains/badges...since it's easier to just print and laminate them at home.

Here are two Katekyo Hitman Reborn! PrintsCollapse )

yeah, fugggglly. *shudder*

Anyway, now I'm working on Dissidia chibis...which is kind of insane because I'm making 12 of them in less than 6 days, but it shouldn't be that difficult since they're just chibis...and I can always cut out/laminate the keychains n' such during the con [which is what I want to avoid doing at all costs because it's annoying and messy. lol]
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Acenine Sketches
14 October 2009 @ 05:22 pm
but I'm not! I finished coloring BayonettaCollapse )

as per usual, I hateee my art, but I sort of like how the wing on the right turned out, lol.

I also sketchedSerah + Lightning from FFXIIICollapse )

they also revealed the newest character in FFXIII, who is a total sex pot and I'm in loovveee with her, lol. Probably going to draw her a lot.
Her sexiness can be seen hereCollapse )

and now instead of studying [like I should be] I'm going to play Dissidia! gotta level Terra and Cloud up more. *nerd attack*
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Acenine Sketches
11 October 2009 @ 03:54 pm
It's been a while since I've updated/been on LJ at all. I've been suppperr busy filling out secondary applications for med school...which is tons of fun. Basically you have to apply to med school twice, lol. You fill out a primary application online [which takes foreverrr] and that is sent to all the medical schools in the U.S. that you apply to, then if they still like, the med school sends you their individual application [secondary] which is usually filling out MORE information and writing 2-3 [usually three, ugh fml.] essays! hooray! and I applied to 11 schools so that's somewhere between 22 and 33 essays, lol. I'm sure you're all super jealous.

oh, and on top of that, I have school! even more fun.

In other news, Youmacon is coming up! [Halloween weekend] which I'm super excited for, I plan to buy lots of goodies, lol...which for me mostly consist of figurines and art books. Unfortunately I will not have a lot of new prints/merchandise for this year...so everyone will be like "ugh, gtfo with you're old shit". yeahhh

But here are boring picturesCollapse )
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Acenine Sketches
24 August 2009 @ 01:01 am
Hooray, I'm done with summer school! and I'm very satisfied with my grades. woot woot. Now for fall classes in two weeks =x ugh. fml.

So I've been super busy this summer, but I try to draw every now and then!
Here's what I've been working on...Collapse )

I'm a final fantasy whore and I want to draw big posters of every final fantasy game ever. and by every final fantasy game ever I mean 6 and up...and maybe 4.
but that will probably never happen because I'm too lazy and I need to start drawing my own characters. like DAMN. I have no colored pictures of my own characters. How could this happen after having them for 3-8 years. So I definitely need to start working on that...but I enjoy drawing fanart...it's this problem I have. oh well!
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Acenine Sketches
03 August 2009 @ 10:22 pm
Summer school/studying for the MCAT owns my life right now. One more month till freedom!!
in the mean time, here are some sketch commissions of 17th century characters for Sepia-Mortis from deviantArt.
sketch comssCollapse )

in other news, I reread all the harry potter books in succession, LOL.
*super nerd*
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Acenine Sketches
24 July 2009 @ 03:49 pm
As usual, I should by studying...but I'm not.
I'm just working on commissions, but in the mean time I thought I'd post more of the video game console tans that I drew a while ago [I was too lazy to post them all at the same time, lol....and I still haven't scanned two of them]
tan-chamasCollapse )
I drew x-box and xbox360 as well...but the xbox was hideous so I scrapped it out of shame, and I'm just too lazy to scan 360 right now.

also, I hardly ever color pictures because I hate coloring. it's an awful process.

I started watching Six Feet Under. It's great! I've never liked a non-supernatural or sci-fi/fantasy-esque show this much before!
You should all watch it too :)
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Acenine Sketches
22 July 2009 @ 04:59 pm
I should be studying, but after the blow of getting my MCAT score back, I need a day to recover before I do any of that nonsense.
In the mean time, I'll draw! woo.
princesses + commissionCollapse )

In other news, I'm devastated that I can't go to the Depeche Mode concert in toronto this weekend. I can't see my favorite band ever live =(. kill me.
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Acenine Sketches
20 July 2009 @ 12:14 am
I was bored today so I drew Hermione. My Harry Potter nerdiness is at an all time high right now.
HermioneCollapse )
This is the first picture I've drawn completely in photoshop. Usually I draw the lines on paper first then digitally ink and/or color. I prefer drawing on paper first, I'm not used to drawing on my tablet as much =x. oh well.
I was going to draw something coming out of her wand too...but then I got lazy. Figures.
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